My name is Kerry Kuplen Ashbacher, owner of Breezy Hill Bullies. I am a small,
Hobby Breeder of Champion Blood Lined and Champion Sired Bullmastiffs and
French Bulldogs. Breeding only 1-2 well planned litters a year. We are located in
Mulberry, Kansas, a small farming community in the South Eastern part of
Kansas. My Bullies and I live on my family’s 800-acre farm where I have lived all
of my life.

I own 4 Bullmastiffs and 3 French Bulldogs. The well being of my Bullies is of the
utmost importance to me. My focus is on breeding for Conformation, Sound
temperament, and Health. I strive to breed to AKC standards whereas all of my
bullies are AKC Registered and DNA Certified. My primary goal is to preserve
and protect these fabulous breeds, by improving their health and promoting
longevity. I believe that a combination of breeding healthy, well tempered
Bullmastiffs and French Bulldogs to their correct standards, and placing them in
the right homes will help me reach this goal.

I invite you to visit all the pages of my website especially the About Us Page for
the opportunity to get to know my family, the Bullies, and me. Please feel free
to contact me anytime for information, questions, or just to talk Bullies. I hope
you enjoy your visit to Breezy Hill Bullies, and I look forward to helping you find
your Perfect Bully!!
Hello and Welcome to Breezy Hill Bullies!!

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   Breezy Hill Bullies Bullies Upcoming French Bulldog Litters

          Fergie and Ruggie had 5 beautiful babies!
                                     3 girls & 2boys
                            check out current litters page!        
Pictures of puppies coming soon!
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