All About Us
Thank you for visiting my Website and taking the time to get to know my family, my Bullies, and me!

I'm Kerry the owner of Breezy Hill Bullies. I have been fortunate to live on my family’s farm since I was born, and I have one daughter, Abby Lehman, who
also grew up living on the farm. She is grown and Married now, but she has definitely inherited my love for animals. She has been a tremendous help to
me in establishing Breezy Hill Bullies, and helping me care for my dogs. My Career, and the job that pays my bills, is Nursing. I am an RN (Registered
Nurse), and I work in the Endoscopy lab. I have been a RN for 28 years, and I’m proud to say I still work for the same hospital that gave me my first
Nursing Job.

First and foremost I LOVE ANIMALS!! Animals have been, and still are a major part of my life. I grew up surrounded by many different animals such as
dogs, cats, rabbits, horses, and cattle. Many of my fondest childhood memories are about my pets. I know now that I'm older I inherited my love of
animals from my late father. He was always on my side when it came time to talk my mom into letting me keep the stray dog that had been dumped at
our home. I can remember fondly my mother telling me "We’re not keeping that dog! We already have way too many!" My father would always take my
side in saying. "Oh come on now, what’s one more going to hurt?” Needless to say, I would always ended up keeping those stray dogs!!
Thanks Dad!

My parents always made sure these dogs had adequate veterinary care, shelter and food. Our first priority would be to get them spayed or neutered.
These dogs that other people threw away were able to live out their lives on our farm as pets, and my best friends until the day they died. I have had
many strays pass through my life, and each and every one of them holds a special place in my heart. Still to this day our farm is home for dogs that have
been thrown away and not wanted by their previous owners. Most of these dogs were mixed breeds and products of unwanted litters and poor
breeding. I would see first hand the complications canines have from inherited health issues such as Hip Dysplasia, Heart murmurs, skin conditions,
and just overall poor nutrition and health. I have learned a lot from taking care of my strays. I have mainly learned the true importance of strict breeding
practices. Making sure a breeding is well planned and done for QUALITY not QUANTITY, and most important only breeding purebred dogs that have
had all necessary health screenings to prevent unwanted health issues. I made a promise to myself long ago, and it was if I ever decided to fulfill my
dream of becoming a breeder, I would be a responsible one. As to prevent the "unwanted dog" for whatever reason they are thrown away. Being
inherited health issues or bad personality traits.

The first time I saw a Bullmastiff was at a AKC Dog Show, and I must say it was love at first sight. I knew right then and there I needed to find out
everything I could about this magnificent breed, so my researching began. The more I researched the more I knew this breed was for me. I bought my
first Bullmastiff in 2006 from Debbie Evans from Tarheels Bullmastiffs in North Carolina. Her name is Tarheel Chic Red Hot Lexus aka "Lexi". Lexi was
bought with the intention of being a companion, pet, and "guard dog". I got exactly what I wanted when I bought Lexi! She was a beautiful Bullmastiff true
to the AKC standard of her Breed. If you research the breed she definitely lives up to her heritage. She was a great companion that guarded her
property and family if needed. During my research I also was introduced to the French Bulldog Breed, also known as Frenchies. I fell in love with these
funny little frog dogs, that everyone would describe as "Clowns". The more I would look at pictures of them the more I wanted one. So I read and
researched everything I could about the breed. This led me to my first frenchie, "Lita" I imported her from Russia. Lita was bought from Irina Komolova
from the Busher Pljus Kennel. Lita also lives true to her AKC Standard. I couldn't have found a sweeter natured or Beautiful Fenchie than Lita. She is
one of the sweetest dogs I have had the privilege to own. Both Lexi and Lita lived up to the true and wonderful qualities of their Breed, and they've
passed their wonderful personality, sweet temperaments, and beauty on to their offspring. Both Lita and Lexi have passed over the rainbow bridge.
There is not a day that goes by that I don't think of my beautiful girls. They were the start and foundation of my breeding program.Their bloodlines
continue to run strong in  the majority of my present dogs pedigrees. By selectively breeing  I strive for the best show/companion quality French
Bulldogs and Bullmastiffs. Big heads, thick bone, short backed, and superb temperament.  

During my search for the perfect Bullmastiff and French Bulldog, I was fortunate to meet many Bullmastiff and French Bulldog "People" that were nice
enough to share their experiences and knowledge with me about these wonderful breeds. To this day, I still keep in touch with them, and some have
become dear friends.  I owe many thanks to these friends for their good advice and information. Thank You All!
Over the years I have added 2 more Bullmastiffs to my family. and also added 3 more French Bulldogs.

I hope you take the time to take a look at each dog’s information and pictures, and get to know them as well. I'm very devoted to my animals. They are
not just pets, but they are a part of our family. It is not uncommon for people to enter my yard and be greeted by my "pack" of dogs, as my neighbors
and friends refer to them! I invite everyone to come meet my family, my dogs, and myself. You are always welcome!!

I want to Thank You Again for visiting Breezy Hill Bullies! I hope you enjoyed our site, and hope you visit again soon. Please feel free to contact me
anytime with questions or for information on any of my Bullies or upcoming litters.

                               Kerry Kuplen Ashbacher