Breezy Hill's "Frenchie"
*Scroll Down to View Photos of my Female "Frenchies", Lita, Fergie and Ivy*
  Introducing "Fergie"!
 Daystars Princess Fergie
Born: May 2, 2008
        Died: Fall of 2015            

Fergie is my funny little fat frog dog!
There is never a dull moment at Breezy Hill's with Fergie
around. If there is mischief going on..
You can bet Fergie is right in the middle of it!!
She is one cute and funny Frenchie that passes these
loveable characteristics on to her puppies!
When people talk about Frenchies being little clowns..
Well, their talkin about Fergie!
Fergie just delivered her last litter on 4/8/14
She had 5 beautiful babies; 2 Boys & 3 Girls
So if you've been wanting a Fergie baby this is your last
chance to get one. Fergie wil be a retired momma & start
living the easy life that she so deserves & loves !

Fergie passed over the rainbow bridge from a tragic accident
while living with her new family in the fall of 2015
 She is deeply missed and will forever live on in our hearts.
Meet My Very First Frenchie!
Rovenna (Russia)
June 11, 2007 - May 27th 2013
Lita is just as Sweet as Beautiful!
I was definitely blessed when Lita came to live at Breezy Hill's.
I couldn't have asked for a prettier or sweeter frenchie!
Lita passes her sweet personality, kind temperament and beauty
on to her puppies.. Just ask their new owners!!

My Beautiful Sweet Lita passed over the Rainbow Bridge
on May 27th 2013
My Beautiful Girl is gone from our lives But she will never be
forgotten. She will live on in our hearts forever!
Lita (in front) pictured with one
of her pups from her first litter.


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  Now meet "IVY"!!
Winaty's Ivy at Breezy Hills
Born: Sept. 3rd 2010

Ivy came to live at Breezy Hill's all the way from the
Netherlands!! She was 8 wks old when she made the trip
home with me on the plane. She was so little she fit in a carry
on bag under the plane seat for the ride home. There is so
much to say about Ivy I don't know where to start! She is
absolutely beautiful with her vibrant Mahogany Red and White
Pied color pattern. She is definitely an eye catcher and she
knows it!! She is a little girl that loves attention and is content
just sitting on my lap watching TV.
Now Here's My BooBoo!
Born: Nov 1st 2012

BooBoo was born right here at Breezy Hill
Bullies. She is a Fergie and Auggie
daughter. And I must say.. She is a dandy
and quite a pretty girl. She's a beautiful
distinct Mahogany Red Brindle. Her
personality is a lot like Fergie's. Funny &
Bossy.. But hey.. what can I say.. She's a
Frenchie! She is very short, stocky and full
of muscle. She inherited this from her daddy
Auggie! I definitely love everything about
about this girl..that's why I kept her! She's
got it all.. Beauty, Brains and Braun!
BooBoo is a full sister to  Breezy Hill's N
Bullstock's Charlise aka "Fly" that resides at
Bullstock Bullmastiffs in Canada.
Fergie is Retired now..
But still living the good life
with Michael Gayoso &
     Introducing Miss Elle Mae !
Breezy Hill's Cream Of The Crop
Born: Aug. 5th 2013

Miss Elle came to Breezy Hills from
Jim & Melinda Cuthbertson of
"Jims French Bulldogs"
Elle was "pick of Litter" for payment
for Stud Fee's rendered
It was LOVE at first sight the first
time I seen this girl. She was
definitely the Pick of Litter!  Elle
is a very well put together
Frenchie that is correct to the
breed standard. She's short and
compact with a very correct
structure and ear set. Not to
mention she's a beautiful Cream
with dark pigment and eyes.
Elle's got that "I don't care"
Frenchie attitude and is a very
sweet girl. She loves my
Bullmastiff Jewel and it's not
uncommon to see them playing    
and sleeping together. Their Best