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As of the date of delivery your puppy is guaranteed for 1 (One) year against FATAL and LIFE Altering Congenital
in which adversely affects the health of the animal.

Your puppy has been Vet checked by a Licensed Veterinarian within 72 (seventy-two) hours prior to leaving Seller and
found to be in good health. Your puppy will be current on all vaccinations and de-worming as well as given a 5 day
coarse of Coccidian and Giardia prevention/treatment. This does not guarantee that your puppy will not develop these
infections from stress of being removed from their known environment, travel, change of water and food, different soil,
and from new family environment and surroundings. If your puppy does develop these infections he/she needs to be
seen and treated by a licensed Veterinarian. Kennel Cough can also be common in puppies and is NOT covered in
this guarantee. Kennel Cough is usually self-limiting and full recovery is expected. On it's own Kennel Cough is not life
Buyer must have puppy examined by a Licensed Veterinarian within 48 (forty eight) hours of taking possession of
puppy. If buyer takes possession of the puppy on a weekend day (Saturday or Sunday) then Buyer has 48 hours from
next business day to have the puppy examined. Seller must be informed of the results of Vet check by e-mail or phone
call on same day by midnight. It is not necessary to obtain a written report from your Vet. Just inform me how the vet
check went. If a fatal or life altering congenital disease is detected, then a written report will need to be sent to Seller.
Failure to notify Seller of Vet check as described herein, will result in the cancellation of this Guarantee. Therefore,
Guarantee will be Null and Void.

The said Puppy is Guaranteed for 1 (ONE) year against fatal and life altering congenital disease which adversely
affects the health of the animal. This includes SEVERE Hip Dysplacia that severely hampers the dog’s movement and
requires surgery to return him to ambulatory state, Kidney, Heart, Pancreas, and Liver Problems of a severe life
threatening nature. Animal must show such a fatal or life altering congenital disease by 1 (ONE) year of age.  Seller
must be notified of the problem by phone or e-mail within 2 (TWO) days of the diagnosis. Buyer must have reports
from 2 (TWO) Licensed Veterinarians from 2 (TWO) unassociated Veterinarian Clinics. These reports must reach the
same diagnosis and conclusion. Buyer must obtain all Vet Records from both consulting Veterinarians and get them to
Seller within 5 (FIVE) days of the diagnosis. Buyer must return the animal within 10 (TEN) days of the diagnosis. All
Veterinarian Fees, incurred charges and return shipping/delivery is the sole responsibility of the Buyer. Seller is not
responsible for any Veterinarian fees or incurred charges to obtain diagnosis of said puppy.
If the pup dies within a 1 (ONE) year time frame from causes directly related to a previously diagnosed or life altering
congenital disease, the Buyer may, at Buyer option, pay to have the pup autopsied. If the reason is congenital, or
genetic then Seller will replace pup when a puppy of equal value is available. If Buyer refuses or does not have puppy
autopsied at the request of Seller, then this Health Guarantee is NULL and VOID. Seller has the right to request an
autopsy of a puppy's remains by a State Laboratory at Buyer's expense. Absolutely NO MONEY, FULL or PARTIAL
PAYMENT, will be refunded for said puppy. If puppy is to be replaced, Seller will select the replacement puppy. Buyer
must be aware and understand that replacement puppy may not have the same Sire and Dam as previous puppy
purchased.  Seller is not obligated in the future to give a replacement puppy if Buyer refuses selected puppy at time of
availability. If Buyer refuses to take replacement puppy at the time of availability then that refusal makes this Health
Guarantee NULL and VOID.  
NO MONEY REFUND in full or part will be given.
A puppy with a genetic or congenital disease must be returned to Seller, or if the condition is grave enough the puppy
will be euthanized with prior permission from the Seller. For Buyer to be qualified for replacement puppy seller must be
informed of pup's condition and permission to Euthanize pup must be given by Seller.  If puppy is to be returned to
Seller, the returned puppy must be in good condition, other than specified problem. Buyer is responsible for the care
and upkeep of the puppy. Any Physical problems or illnesses which is or could be caused by accident, neglect, abuse,
poor or improper diet, or poor immunization practices is not covered in this Health Guarantee. The puppy must not be
spayed or neutered prior to returning to Seller. All return shipping and delivery expenses to return the replacement
puppy to Seller are the responsibility of the Buyer.

Your Puppy will be guaranteed against Parvo Virus and Distemper for 72 hours upon arrival to your home. Buyer must
have 2 (TWO) positive ELISA tests performed within 72 hours if claiming either of these Viruses. It is recommended
your puppy should NOT be taken to PUBLIC areas such as Pet Stores, Dog Parks, or any environment where there
are other animals until after your puppy has completed all puppy immunizations, or after the age of 18-20 weeks to
prevent contracting contagious diseases. It is also recommended prior to taking your puppy to the Vet to call and ask
your Vet Clinic if there were any cases of Parvo or any contagious diseases present in the clinic that day. Your puppy
will need vaccinations to prevent these viruses at 12 and 16 weeks of age. If Buyer neglects or refuses to complete the
recommended puppy vaccinations at 12 and 16 weeks this guarantee is NULL and VOID. It will be your responsibility
as the Buyer and new pet owner to keep your puppy safe and up to date on all vaccinations, de-worming, and
Heartworm prevention for the remainder of the dogs life.
This Guarantee does NOT cover internal or external parasites, bacteria or fungal infections, Cherry Eye, Dermoids,
skin allergies, elongated soft palate issues, pyloric stenosis, small or collapsed nostrils, stenotic nares, trachea issues,
bad or uneven bites, undescended testicles, entropion, ectropion, "Loose" hips, knees or elbows, allergies of any type,
inverted tails, kinked tails, "Corkscrew Tail", hemivertebraes, Inguinal or unbilical hernias, inverted vagina, or fertility
issues, respiratory infections, localized demodex and demode mange, fleas, ticks, ear mites, fungus, yeast infection,
Coccidian, Giardia, Kennel Cough, irradiate thyroid function, heat stroke or any Irreversible conditions caused by heat
stroke. I will not guarantee or cover death if your puppy has been put under anesthesia for any reason. Putting a
puppy under anesthesia requires a skilled and knowledgeable Veterinarian with expertise in the breed. This is
especially important in the French Bulldog Breed. All necessary precautions must be in place prior to administering
anesthesia and performing surgery.
Seller does not guarantee size (weight or height), color, or temperament of puppy when puppy reaches adulthood.
Seller does not guarantee your puppy can be used for breeding or showing regardless of show or breeding potential.
This includes breeding soundness or registration.

Buyer must understand that "Bully Breeds" are special breeds with a lot of common Health Issues. Buyer should
research the breeds and special considerations must be taken if buying a French Bulldog or Bullmastiff.
All puppies are fed Life's Abundance Puppy Food. Puppies need to continue to be fed Life's Abudance Puppy and or
Life Abundance All Stage dog food for the first year of life to be covered under this health gurantee/Contract.

If the puppy is being shipped by airlines, Seller is not responsible for lost, injuries, heat stroke, sickness, or death of
puppy during transport by airlines to Buyer. The buyer resumes all responsibility of puppy while in route to Buyer or to
puppy’s final agreed destination.

* Seller will not be responsible for any Medical expenses incurred.
* This guarantee does not cover the puppy 1 (one) year of age or older.
*Adult dogs are sold on a "AS IS" basis with no warranty or guarantee.
* This guarantee is for Original Buyer Only and is Not Transferable.
*All items covered by this guarantee are by replacement only. NO REFUND of MONEY will be given in full or part.
*All Monies and Deposits placed to hold a puppy/dog are NON-REFUNDABLE.

Buyer agrees and understands that this contract is the only guarantee set forth. No other warranties whether
expressed or implied. Buyer also agrees and understands that place of venue and jurisdiction is Crawford County,
Kansas. In the event of litigation, Buyer shall absorb all attorney fees.

Seller Disclaimer:

***Seller is only guaranteeing above puppy as a healthy companion pet and that the puppy's
pedigree is correct to the best of Seller's knowledge. Buyer agrees not to hold Seller responsible
(except for Fatal and Life Altering congenital/genetic diseases guaranteed and covered as detailed
above) in any manner in the unlikely event that problem might arise from puppy's pedigree.


***Buyer explicitly understands and acknowledged that Canines, as living creatures defy
Predictability. Therefore, upon closing of this transaction, Buyer agrees that Seller is forever
released of any and all association, responsibility, and liability regarding, arising and relating to
acts of said Canine.

A SIGNED Copy of the Health Guarantee/Contract must be returned to me with your deposit. If I do
not receive a signed copy of the Health Guarantee/Contract all puppies are sold AS IS with NO
Health Guarantee.

This agreement has been made and shall be construed and enforced under the laws of The
State of Kansas, and the parties agree to be bound by jurisdiction of the courts of Kansas
with respect to any and all matters arising out of this agreement.

*Click on the Written Agreement Link above for a printable version of the Health Guarantee & Written Agreement.*

By signing this written Health Guarantee Buyer acknowledges understanding and accepts
and agrees to all terms and conditions of this Health Guarantee written herein.

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