Breezy Hill's Babies

                 PUPPY INFORMATION
                                         Very Important! Please Read!  

Here at Breezy Hill Bullies our puppies are our first priority. They are given lots and lots of love
and attention from the day they're born until the day they leave for their forever homes to be with
their new families. Since my puppies are raised in my home they see and hear everything, and
they are played with and handled daily. I believe Socialization is the key to a well natured and
well-behaved dog, therefore puppy training is started ASAP!!

All my puppies are AKC Registered and can be purchased with Full or Limited AKC Registration.
Full Registration is when the puppy is purchased with Full Breeding and Showing rights.
Limited Registration is your buying a "Pet only Puppy". You can buy any puppy for sale with
Limited Reg. Limited Registration does not mean your getting a puppy of lesser quality, it just
means you cannot breed or show the puppy as an adult. I do advise all puppy buyers to spay or
neurter puppies bought for a Pet Only.

All my Dogs and Puppies are fed
"Lifes Abundance" dog food. All puppies will be on this brand of
dry puppy food prior to leaving for their new forever homes. I stongly recommend that you
continue to feed
Lifes Abundance Puppy/Dog Food . I stress to all my puppy buyers to continue to
feed their new puppy  this "High Quality Holistic" puppy/dog food throughout the remainder of
their dogs life. Bullmastiff puppies must be fed the
Large Breed Puppy Formula until at least to 6
months to  one (1)year of age & then can be switched to
All Life Stages Regular or Grain Free
into adulthood. I also recommend that all puppies be given the " Wellness Formula"
Supplement and the "Aglity Formula" Supplment as adults. Your Puppy will be recieving a
supplement prior to coming home.  French Bulldog Puppies need to be fed
Medium Breed Puppy
for the first year and then can change to the All Life Stages Regular or Grain free Formula
into adulthood. I recommend your Frenchie Puppy be supplemented with the Wellness Formula
supplement or the Skin and Coat formula. I will be asking you during the puppy buying process to
purchase and have your puppy food and supplements bought prior to taking possession of your
puppy. During this transition from my home to yours we want to make it as Stress Free as
possible.  Keeping your puppy on the food he has been introduced to and is accustomed to is one
way to prevent stress on his digestive system. Meaning no loose or diarrhea stools or vomit to
clean up. Also, preventing finicky or picky eating. Meaning Less Stress for you too!

Lifes Abundance is ordered online and delivered directly to your door. You can order your
puppy/dog food by clicking any
Lifes Abundance link highlighted in yellow. You will be directed to
the website to place your order. Feel free to tour the website to view and read about the Life
Abundance Company, all their Holistic foods, supplements,treats and other numerous products
offered for your pet and also YOU!  I highly reccomend buying the Food and Supplement systems
and having the products  sent by autoship. This will save you money and time spent ordering your
food when you need to restock. You can also pick your autoship times. This helps in not having
food sent until you need to it. The following are my recommendations on what to order for each
breed. Of course the treats and Chews are optional. I do not recommend your Bully be given Raw
Hide Chews. These Chews are not digestable and your puppy/dog will CHOKE if swollowed.  
Leading to airway obstruction and possible Bowel Obstructions. Both condtions are considered
Emergency situations and can be fatal for your puppy/dog if not treated ASAP!  So, Absolutely NO
on the Rawhide Chews for Bully Breeds.

Bullmastiff Breed: (Click on Link to Order)            

Lifes Abundance Large Breed Puppy System           

Agility Formula for adults

Tasty Treats & Chews

French Bulldog Breed: ( Click on Link to Order)

Lifes Abundance Small/Medium Puppy System

Skin & Coat Formula

Tasty Treats & Chews

Lifes Abundance is a Breeder Referal Program. So, feel free to share my website and the Links to order to family,
friends or anyone interested in trying Lifes Abundance dog foods, cat foods and their many holistic products.
You cannot buy Lifes Abundance in pet stores or feed stores. It is only offered on line and being directed to the
website to order.

I strongly believe in this Company, their dog food and products. I have reserched many years and
used many different types of Dog Food and Supplements. After, using my own dogs as "guinea
pigs" and feeding this food. I have found the food, supplementsand products very beneficial to my
dogs and breeding program. I seen results within 2 weeks of starting the program. It's all natural
holistic food and products developed by a holistic Veterinarian.
Not to mention this food has never been RECALLED in the many years of being in business.
The Lifes Abundance line of products was formulated by Dr. Jane Bicks, DVM. She has been a
holistic vet for over 20 years. She has served as President of the American Veterinarian
Association of New York City, earned three Presidential Citations, appointed by Mayor Rudolph
Guliano to help establish one of the largest animal shelters in the world, the author of three books
on responsible care and treatment of pets, and has appeared on 48 Hours, Good Morning America,
CNN, Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, and more. She has also created a non-profit foundation
where a percent of her product line is contributed toward rescue and care for pets.

All puppies will be ready for their new homes at 8-10 weeks of age. I will make the final decision
on when a puppy can be released to their new homes. Bullmastiff puppies are "usually" ready by 8
weeks. French Bulldog puppies will be ready by 8-10 weeks of age, Weather Permitting. Release
of puppy usually depends if the puppy needs to be shipped by airlines or ground delivery. Please
refer to my Shipping/Delivery page for all shipping information.
And remember Lifes Abundance
can not be bought in pet or feed stores.
It can only be ordered through Lifes Abundance Website.
So please have your  puppy food, supplements and treats ordered and delivered prior to taking
possession of your new puppy.

All Puppies will come with 3  sets of shots and will be wormed at 2,4,6,and 8 weeks of age. Also, 2
Kennel Cough Vaccines will be given. All puppies will be Vet checked, cleared Healthy, and up to
date on all vaccinations and worming prior to leaving for their new homes. All puppies will come
to their owner with a vaccination/worming record and will be Microchipped. If you DO NOT want
your puppy Microchipped please tell me in advance.

I ask everyone contemplating on buying a Breezy Hill Bully puppy/dog to please do their
RESEARCH on the Breed they are interested in buying.  Make sure the Breed is the right breed for
you, your family, and your lifestyle. You as the Buyer must understand that "Bully Breeds" are
special breeds that have common Health issues that are "considered normal" for their breed.
Special consideration must be made in buying a Bully Breed puppy!!


I require a $500.00 deposit to hold a puppy/dog until they're ready to go to their new  forever
homes . Remember
deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE. Puppies/dogs must be paid in full 2
weeks prior to shipping or delivery. I will accept payments and work with potential buyers to pay
the balance of your puppy/dog, but your puppy must be paid in full prior to leaving for your home.
If you need longer to pay the balance of your puppy, please ask and arrangements to hold your
puppy until it is paid in full can be made. In the form of payment I accept Cash, Bank Cashiers
checks  Bank or USP or Bank Money Orders, or PayPal. If paying by PayPal you will have a 3.5%
charge added to the Deposit or cost of the puppy. I will accept Personal Checks, but the check will
have to clear my bank prior to taking possession of your puppy. Note that this process may take 2-
4 weeks. Shipping costs are extra.  Please do not ask me to discount puppies. The price I quote for
the puppy is the final price. A lot of hard work and Money goes into Breeding and Raising dogs.
Especially, breeding the Bully Breeds. Also, buyers please do not ask me to sell a puppy for the pet
price and  then ask if they can have Full AKC Show/breeding rights at a later date. If your thinking
you may want to show/breed your puppy; then you will pay Full AKC price at the time of purchase.

From the time they are born, my puppies become my family, so I guess I could say I'm selling my
grandchildren. Therefore, I must screen all potential puppy buyers. I ask that you PLEASE be
perfectly honest with me with why you’re wanting to buy one of my Bully Babies. I feel honesty is
the best policy!
I also ask every potential buyer to fully READ and UNDERSTAND my Health Guarantee/Contract
before placing a deposit on a puppy. If there is any part of my Health Guarantee you have
questions about or do not understand do not hesitate to contact me.  All of my puppy buyers will
be asked to sign a Health Guarantee and Sale Contract.
You as the Buyer of a puppy have rights!
Health Guarantees and Contracts protects the buyer’s rights as well as the Sellers.  Do not rely on
just spoken words from the seller when purchasing your puppy/dog and next family member. You
as the buyer deserve compensation if you’re sold a puppy that has a genetic or congenital disease.
Buying a CHEAPER puppy with no Health Guarantee and Contract does not always pay off in the
long run. You can rack up thousands of $$$ in Veterinary expenses on a dog or puppy from poor
breeding. Every effort on my part is being made to produce Healthy Happy Puppies. My dogs are
Genetically tested and have passed Breed specific Health Testing prior to breeding. Also, all my
dogs and Puppies are being fed a Healthy Holistic diet called Lifes Abundance Dog/Puppy Food.
Everyone must realize that breeding is NOT a perfect science. Mother Nature does have an active
role in reproduction and she can be cruel at times. Again, every effort is being made by me to
produce healthy happy puppies that will thrive to live a long happy healthy life.

All my puppies will be sold with a 1 (One) Year Health Guarantee and Sale Contract
Adult dogs are sold "AS IS" with no Health Gurantee/Warranty.

***Attention Buyer***
A SIGNED Copy of the Health Guarantee/Contract must be returned to me with
your Non-Refundable deposit. If I do not receive a signed copy of the Health Guarantee/Contract
all puppies are sold AS IS with NO Health Guarantee.

If you have any questions, or need help in your search for a Frenchie or Bullmastiff, I'm here to
help. If I do not have what your looking for I may know someone who does. Feel free to call or e-
mail me anytime.
620-764-3647 (Home)
620-704-1838 (Cell)

I Reserve the right to refuse sale to anybody
* I DO NOT and WILL NOT sell to Brokers, Puppy Mills, or Pet Stores! *
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