Delivery & Shipment
 Delivery and Shipping is available on All Breezy Hill Bullies.

All of our puppies can be picked up in person, shipped by Airlines, ground
transport, or other arrangements can be made to meet part way within a
reasonable distance.

If your puppy is being shipped by Airlines. All puppies will be shipped out of
Kansas City, Mo to their final destination. Weather permitting.

Shipping costs are Extra and is $400.00-$450.00. Shipping depends on the size
of crate and the weight of the puppy and crate combined. So if shipping older
pups or adults shipping charges may be more. This shipping cost covers ALL
shipping fees, health documents, shipping crate, and travel to the airport. All
airline arrangements will be made by Breezy Hill Bullies.

There are very strict rules and regulations on shipping Bully Breeds.
All my puppies must be shipped on United Airlines; the only airline shipping
Bully Breeds at this time. I cannot shop around for cheaper flights.
All French Bulldogs if shipping Cargo must be shipped by 6 months of age and
weighing 20 lbs or less. So, if buying an adult French Bulldog and shipping is
needed. The dog will have to be shipped by ground, picked up or meeting part
way for pick up can be arranged. I have heard you can fly your adult Frenchie
in cabin on airplanes by buying the pup a ticket. I have not actually confirmed
this or done this.

If you prefer to fly in to pick your puppy up in person. Arrangements can be
made to meet at the airport for delivery of your puppy at no extra charge. If
you choose this method, the buyer will be responsible for all shipping
arrangements, charges, and fees for the puppy flying home in cabin with the
buyer. You must contact the airlines prior to your flight to confirm a spot on
your return flight home. Airlines do charge an extra fee for flying pets in cabin
and have size and weight requirments. A soft sided kennel is required. And
only a certain number of pups/dogs can fly on each flight. Please be sure to
contact your airline of choice to inquire about flying your pup in cabin before
buying your round trip flight.  

If you prefer to meet me part way, I will drive
up to 3 hours One Way to
deliver your puppy to you in person.
Any distance driven longer than 3 hours a
delivery fee will be charged
. The fee will depend on the distance being driven.

When making Shipping and Delivery arrangements for your puppy, I will do my
best to schedule delivery at your requested dates and times, but, please keep
in mind that I work full time. I must make arrangements for shipping and
delivery on days that work best and that I can take off work. Also, the Kansas
City Airport is a 2 1/2 hour drive (one way) from my home. If I am shipping
more than 1 puppy, I will need to make arrangements for all puppies to be
shipped from the airport on the same day.

Buyers are always WELCOME to come and pick their puppy up in person. I ask
that you make arrangements or inform me in advance of your desired pick up
date and time. Again, I will need to make arrangements to make sure I'm
home or off of work to meet with you.

If you have any questions or need more information on our shipping and
delivery policy. Please contact me anytime!  

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